8 Elements Of A Good World History Compare And Contrast Essay

Writing is an art on its own and just like every other form of art, it has its own rules, techniques, and regulations. If you want to be a good writer or essayist, you have to make sure that you have followed all these rules in the most diligent ways possible. For a student involved in writing, the following are eight elements of a good world history compare and contrast essay:

  • It addresses the question: For a compare and contrast essay, as the name implies, it has to put two things side by side and do a thorough examination of both sides before coming up with a reasonable conclusion. This is the first element that such piece should possess; it should do justice to the subject matter.
  • Rules of grammar: What is a piece of writing without adhering to the simplest rules of grammar? From Lexis to structure to tense to punctuation, there are all kinds of rules of grammar. For you to succeed in this field you have to be not just familiar with all the rules; you also have to ensure that they reflect properly in your writing.
  • Flow and coherence: If the compare and contrast essay does not flow well, if it does not have any rhyme with logic or statements of facts, there is no way it will make sense or appeal to the mind of the reader. Make sure the flow and coherence of your piece are top-notch.
  • Rules of Citation: Usually, the specific rule of citation that you are going to use will be clearly stated by your tutor or professor. Because these rules are very specific, ensure you pay very close attention to them. Entire pieces have been thrown out simply because they did not adhere to the right style of citation.
  • Relevant facts: Since the central topic has to do with history, the piece has to contain all the relevant facts. This will include not just the events but also the most prominent personalities, the dates and even if possible, the relevant images or files.
  • Detailed research: History is such a vast field that you have to dig deep to get the most interesting facts. This should be reflected in the work.
  • Captivating nature
  • Balance

Once a piece of writing contains all these eight elements of excellence, the work can confidently be submitted to any platform in the academic world.

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