Best Strategies For Completing A Brilliant Essay In No Time

Once students get to their sophomore or junior years in high school and beyond, they will regularly get assignments to write essays. They can suffer through the process or learn how to write a brilliant paper as quickly as possible. There is no reason why a student cannot craft a good essay in less than 20 minutes. These are some of the strategies that students can use to get through the assignments quickly and still earn a good grade:

Pick a favorite hook and use it repeatedly. The hook is often the part of the paper that confounds students. But, there are only a handful of hook techniques that writers can use. Pick one or two of the hook techniques that you are comfortable using and use them. The hooks can all be customized to fit the topic of the paper, whether you use the quote technique, the descriptive technique, or the anecdote version, make it fit your topic.

Make the topic sentences coordinate with the thesis statement. Every essay requires a claim or thesis statement and the topic sentences should support it. Every thesis can be written in the same format. Then, use a few synonyms in the topic sentences so it is clear that those sentences match up with the claim.

Develop a paragraph format. There are several techniques for writing strong paragraphs. Most people will first write the topic sentence, then an explanation for it. The next step is to include an example that supports the topic sentence and then an explanatory sentence. Repeat these sentences a few times in each paragraph and they you will eventually build a long paragraph that an instructor will think is brilliant.

Switch up the first words of your sentences. Instructors are happy when they see sentences that have variety. Even if the topics of the sentences are not amazing, your instructors will be impressed if your sentences have different beginnings. Use simple sentences and complex sentences. Instead of always starting with the subject of the sentence, feel free to use phrases and clauses to begin your sentences.

Actually write a conclusion. So many students fail to write a conclusion, so when students actually do write one, teachers are impressed. Take the time to craft a conclusion that restates the thesis, provides a quick summary of the main points of the paper, and returns to the hook. Your instructor will love it.

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