Choosing Offbeat Business Essay Topics: 15 Ideas

If you are looking for a good assignment paper and your topic has not been assigned from the college or the high school, you should ideally choose something offbeat and unconventional. Just look at some of the business essay topics that have been used in the Harvard business school and you will know. To make it clearer, let’s have a look at some of the best business topics that are floating around. Make sure there is a lot that you know and understand about the ploy.

Offbeat paper topics for Harvard business school essay

  1. Global warming: what is the connection between climate change and animal meat consumption?
  2. How is the economic order of Europe related to Asia and the Middle-East in particular?
  3. Why are the Australian aborigines perennially ignored by the liberal media of the West?
  4. Is animal eating really a social justice issue? Or should justice be limited to human societies only?
  5. What is your take on dark humor? Is it an insensitive form of comedy or the best way to bring dark realities of the society onto the public space?
  6. What is the political ideology that separates a left wing fascist from a right wing extremist? Can we blame both in the same manner?
  7. What is easier – to blame the black population of America for killing one another or speaking to prominent black personalities and making them a part of US development?
  8. Why is microfinance such a blazing hit in almost all parts of the world and still an underdeveloped project in the US?
  9. Malaria – A recounting of a dying epidemic?
  10. Morality in politics – is it essential or does mere populism win every single time?
  11. The idea of a nation: how important is nationalism for the development of a nation?
  12. Why did communism fail as an ideology in most of the world? Why are neo-communists so adamant in recognizing their failures?
  13. Business essay on the oil industry: why UAE reigns supreme at the moment?
  14. The best industries to focus for rising economies: a concise report
  15. The rural micro-management system and its benefits for businessmen

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