Writing An Argumentative Essay: Questions You Can Explore

Argumentative essays are a good way to cultivate the art of expression. These assist the individual to ponder on both the positive and negative aspects of the topic and then take the decision understanding benefits.

Following are some of the questions that an individual can explore for

  1. Can money buy you the respect, recognition and happiness at home and the professional world both?
  2. Does accumulation of materialistic stuff actually makes us happy or we pretend to reveal our happiness to others?
  3. What is the right time to make compromises? Is it right in the beginning or just at the end?
  4. Are people too much selfish today than the earlier times? Earlier were they bound to make adjustment at every walk of life?
  5. Is independent nature of girls is the basic reason of divorces? Will the number of divorce cases start decreasing if they quit jobs?
  6. Does cool temperament always make a winning? Is this the right way to deal with any situation?
  7. How much valid is the statement-“Whatever happens, happen for the good”.
  8. Which is more powerful- hard work or the fate? Can we control our fortune by making changes in our life? Discuss it in terms of interfering ailments that are out of our control?
  9. How much correct this statement is- Good things always happen with good people?
  10. Should we marry person of the same religion or from different religion? What changes we will face under both circumstances. Favor one of the scenarios and support it.
  11. Does suffering is a good way to become tough and move towards success or it makes us weak?
  12. Do curse words have lost their significance and have failed in giving other person a big shock?
  13. Should bystanders help a person who met with an accident or should wait for the police to come?
  14. Does it make your life complicated, if you involve yourself in helping a person who just met an accident?
  15. Do blessings really work? How do they work and what is the time span when they start showing their effects?
  16. Should planting trees be made a rule for every individual? Should person bear the cost of it and himself arrange a place for it?
  17. Should law punish the people with severe penalties for usage of offensive words?
  18. Is apologizing equivalent to surrendering? Should it be considered wrong?
  19. Do small-sized class offers good examination results?
  20. Should we change our pattern of teaching?

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